Updates re: COVID-19


Dear Inspired Living Medical Patients,

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people affected by the pandemic so far.  As safety is our number one priority, we have undertaken the following measures to protect you and our staff.

All patients are advised that if anyone has:

  • Traveled through international airports in the past 14 days, even if only to travel within Canada, (if so, they must self-isolate for 14 days, even if asymptomatic)
  • Has a fever AND new or changed cough, They are asked to NOT attend the clinic.
  • Please also note:

    • All groups are cancelled until further notice.
    • Psychology clients are encouraged to have their appointments virtually, this may become the only option depending on how things develop.
    • The government is working on providing telehealth (virtual appointments) as an option for psychiatry also, although it is not an option at the moment, stay tuned for further developments in this regard.
    • Our admin staff with be working from home by next week at the latest.
    • For those coming into the clinic, they are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer available at the entrance, or to to use the bathroom key to go wash their hands upon arrival and when leaving, as soap and water have been shown to be more effective protection.
    • Patients are also encouraged to use the spray bottle and wipes for your seating area while you wait upon arrival and leaving.
    • We changed the furniture in the waiting room to allow for greater distance between people while waiting and to facilitate wiping down the area.
    • Karma, the clinic puppy will not be attending the clinic pending further notice.

    As circumstances are evolving quickly, please stay tuned into our Facebook and website prior to attending any appointments as clinics may be cancelled on short notice.   

    Stay well and warmest wishes through this trying time,

    Inspired Living Medical Team