Outgrowing friendships

When I was little I loved watching cartoons and cuddling with my stuffed animals with one of my childhood friends. I don’t do that anymore. I haven’t for years. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t even see that friend anymore. They developed different interests and values over time and we drifted apart. … Continue reading Outgrowing friendships

Turn down the music. Let the feedback ROAR.

  by Heather Crosby Gionet (Information on upcoming Awesome Life Retreat 2.0 below!) Feedback. You know, that awful noise that comes out of the speaker when the mic is in the wrong place. That’s the good stuff. Let me tell you, you want to learn to LOVE the sound of feedback. Ok, so maybe not … Continue reading Turn down the music. Let the feedback ROAR.

Finding Purpose & Meaning

Imagine putting a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. Now imagine tasting that water...it would be pretty salty and most of us would find it disgusting. Now imagine putting a tablespoon of salt in a large lake and then tasting the water...it would barely be detectable, if at all. When we fill our lives … Continue reading Finding Purpose & Meaning