Dealing with Trauma

  Most people have some form of trauma in their lives. It doesn't mean we all have PTSD, but humans are built for resilience in part because trauma, pain and suffering are part of the experience of being human. Trauma is often defined as situations where our healthy coping mechanisms are overwhelmed and we are left … Continue reading Dealing with Trauma

Understanding emotions

If you are like most people, emotions and how they work can be confusing sometimes. There may even be times we think we get it, then we somehow loose it. It can be helpful to be reminded of some of the important bits about emotions and why it is important to connect with them in … Continue reading Understanding emotions

Shame vs Survival

We are hard-wired to survive, even the most horrendous circumstances. We adjust and adapt and do whatever it is we need to do to get out of the situation as unharmed as possible, it is part of human resilience. Sometimes, survival means doing things that are actually harmful to us or others, or it means … Continue reading Shame vs Survival