Why aren’t I happy?

Shalyssa: "How are you?" Me: "OK" Shalyssa: "Why just ok? What's wrong?" Ok, so here is the thing... in today's Western world, we are given the message that if we are anything other than "great", there is something wrong. I spend a lot of time validating and explaining that given people's circumstances, they are appropriately distressed. For … Continue reading Why aren’t I happy?

Sneaky Ways Our Past Hijacks Our Relationships

The way it happens is always the same...so let's look at some actual examples and what we can do about it! Isabella (not their real name) Uncertainty: Getting overwhelmed at work - started to feel not good enough (one of their old stories that triggered fear of rejection by tribe) and it threatened their sense of mastery (that … Continue reading Sneaky Ways Our Past Hijacks Our Relationships