How to WIN at Life | Safety & Significance

What we strive for in life is always the same, but how we learn to get it is variable and even changes throughout our lifetime. Understand this, and learn what it takes to win at the game of life!   Check out our new video here:  

How do you make a difference?

There are a couple of flaws in our thinking about "those people" who dare to speak up and make a difference in the world. We tend to assume they are fearless, and that is how they do what they do- FALSE! They just come up with a process to determine when it is worth taking RISKS … Continue reading How do you make a difference?

Outgrowing friendships

When I was little I loved watching cartoons and cuddling with my stuffed animals with one of my childhood friends. I don’t do that anymore. I haven’t for years. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t even see that friend anymore. They developed different interests and values over time and we drifted apart. … Continue reading Outgrowing friendships