Dealing with Trauma

  Most people have some form of trauma in their lives. It doesn't mean we all have PTSD, but humans are built for resilience in part because trauma, pain and suffering are part of the experience of being human. Trauma is often defined as situations where our healthy coping mechanisms are overwhelmed and we are left … Continue reading Dealing with Trauma

Are you willing to face your issues?

We tend to be a paradox- we long to be well, but refuse to make signifiant changes in our lives to help us get there. Remember that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. After all, we can't use the same thinking that got … Continue reading Are you willing to face your issues?

Isolation is the real problem

We talk about connection, attachment, belonging and tribe ALL the time in therapy and group. Do you know why? Because it is SO IMPORTANT! It changes our quality of life, our productivity, it even impacts how long we live and how good our health is. This interesting TED talk captures a lot of these elements … Continue reading Isolation is the real problem