The Past and the Future

  Have you ever noticed that what we remember about our past depends on our mood, our head space, our expectations, and the story we have about ourselves at that time (ie. whether we see ourselves as a victim, a survivor, an entrepreneur etc)?   We have a selective recall bias that is impacted by … Continue reading The Past and the Future

Help is here!

Change is hard. It just is. We are always looking for ways to stay on track through the the change process. We all know how helpful it is to have someone to be accountable to for meeting our personal goals, to help us declutter, or just have a pep talk when we need it. What if we don't have that healthy tribe to … Continue reading Help is here!

2 min of mindfulness

Check out these 2 min videos from HEADSPACE, a free meditation app. They are great videos to help us understand how to shift our thinking about mindfulness. Wonderful animated tools to get started.