Be Fierce

My ideas of life shifted when my assumed identity and purpose were taken away, and my mother of 58 was diagnosed with dementia on the week I turned 28. Two different, yet together life-altering lessons thrust upon me in the same week. Lessons, that I am now forever grateful for, and vow never to let … Continue reading Be Fierce

2 min of mindfulness

Check out these 2 min videos from HEADSPACE, a free meditation app. They are great videos to help us understand how to shift our thinking about mindfulness. Wonderful animated tools to get started.    

Don’t like your brain? Change it!

Just like we can change the shape and health of body through exercise, we can change the shape and structure of our brain,  whether it will be primed for stress or not, using meditation This is our default mode and how meditation changes things (3 min)      2.Try it (6 min) - You … Continue reading Don’t like your brain? Change it!