How many friends do we need?

Some people have 1-2 close friends, others have many, and others still have many acquaintances but no one they feel really close with. Others of us will just have a partner (boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife) and expect them to meet all of our needs. So what is the "right" way of doing things? How many friends/ … Continue reading How many friends do we need?

Love, Influence and Power

I was at a conference late this week and had the good fortune to speak about relationships and attachment with other clinicians. It was quite impressive because there were thousands of clinical (and just life experience) hours in the room. The attendees were  from all over the world, ranging from Australia, Italy, the UK, to local … Continue reading Love, Influence and Power

How can I feel better?

Good mental and physical health requires RESPECT, LOVE, COMPASSION, and BOUNDARIES. How you define these terms will differ based on your lived experience. If you have never explicitly thought about what these terms mean to you, maybe today's post will help. If you have thought this through before then today's post may be a reminder - … Continue reading How can I feel better?