Outgrowing friendships

When I was little I loved watching cartoons and cuddling with my stuffed animals with one of my childhood friends. I don’t do that anymore. I haven’t for years. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t even see that friend anymore. They developed different interests and values over time and we drifted apart. … Continue reading Outgrowing friendships

8 signs relationships won’t last

Divorce no longer just applies to the traditionally married, it now applies to the break up of any relationships where we were once invested. These days kids can divorce their parents, and many people describe the loss of life long friendships as a divorce. They describe a division of assets right down to who gets to keep … Continue reading 8 signs relationships won’t last

Do you have good friends?

Sometimes we have great friends, and sometimes we learn to accept whatever we can get in terms of friends. We usually learn to value ourselves from how valued we felt growing up. (See video about survival maps for more) It sets the stage for how we see ourselves and how we treat ourselves. It also impacts how … Continue reading Do you have good friends?