How does early life experience impact us?

There has long been a question of nature vs nurture, and the answer is BOTH. This great TED talk focuses on how early life nurturing actually changes the expression of our genes, of our DNA. There are two layers to our genes, the older, harder to change layer, and the epigenetic layer, that is impacted … Continue reading How does early life experience impact us?

And through it all I matter

Before I even open my eyes I am aware of the warmth of my blankets and the sweet bundle of fur pressed against the back of my legs. I breathe in; the silence is comforting. I pry my fur baby from his chosen spot to mine and nestle in for some morning snuggles, enjoying his familiar … Continue reading And through it all I matter

The power of YET!

More and more we are discovering the incredible impact of our thoughts on not only our feelings and behaviours (this forms the basis of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and now also on our physical as well as mental health! Carol Dweck introduced a concept called the Growth Mindset, a way of thinking, and talking to ourselves … Continue reading The power of YET!