Why aren’t I happy?

Shalyssa: "How are you?" Me: "OK" Shalyssa: "Why just ok? What's wrong?" Ok, so here is the thing... in today's Western world, we are given the message that if we are anything other than "great", there is something wrong. I spend a lot of time validating and explaining that given people's circumstances, they are appropriately distressed. For … Continue reading Why aren’t I happy?

Our inner protector

We all have an inner protector, a wolf or monster that we try to keep at bay, it is programmed into all of us. It is that same beast that leads to quotes like "I want to rip his head off" or "I love you to death". Let me explain. Babies cry when they want their needs … Continue reading Our inner protector

Are you ready to feel better ?

Three simple but not easy questions can help you with this. Are you prepared to take the good and the bad? Are you willing to change the stories you have about yourself? Are you ready to risk failure and looking like a fool in order to find out who you are now? Let me explain... … Continue reading Are you ready to feel better ?