How to have good relationships

Empathy is one of the important pieces of forming emotionally safe and positive relationships. It is a way we feel and can help someone else feel SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD (like they matter). Empathy is feeling WITH someone in order to connect with them. This means we have to be willing to connect to times in … Continue reading How to have good relationships

Managing mixed feelings

We can learn a lot from children who feel safe, because they intuitively do what we seem biologically programmed to do in order to be well and thrive. Many of us feel guilty when something good happens for us in front of someone who has less. We take away our permission to be happy and … Continue reading Managing mixed feelings

How can I feel better?

Good mental and physical health requires RESPECT, LOVE, COMPASSION, and BOUNDARIES. How you define these terms will differ based on your lived experience. If you have never explicitly thought about what these terms mean to you, maybe today's post will help. If you have thought this through before then today's post may be a reminder - … Continue reading How can I feel better?