Understanding emotions

If you are like most people, emotions and how they work can be confusing sometimes. There may even be times we think we get it, then we somehow loose it. It can be helpful to be reminded of some of the important bits about emotions and why it is important to connect with them in … Continue reading Understanding emotions

Isolation is the real problem

We talk about connection, attachment, belonging and tribe ALL the time in therapy and group. Do you know why? Because it is SO IMPORTANT! It changes our quality of life, our productivity, it even impacts how long we live and how good our health is. This interesting TED talk captures a lot of these elements … Continue reading Isolation is the real problem

The Power of Connection

If you’ve been paying attention to the wisdom on here, you will already know just how important it is for us to feel CONNECTED. It is irrefutable how important HEALTHY TRIBE is to our wellbeing. In fact, it’s one of the top-heavy two on our list of “5 Things We Need To Be Well”. As … Continue reading The Power of Connection