The best gift of the year- Boundaries

How do you feel when you do something you don't want to do? If you are like most people, we are quietly resentful, or sometimes outwardly rejecting or irritable. When it comes to relationships, going along just to keep the peace or because we are striving to meet other people's expectations is like slowly poisoning your … Continue reading The best gift of the year- Boundaries

How can I feel better?

Good mental and physical health requires RESPECT, LOVE, COMPASSION, and BOUNDARIES. How you define these terms will differ based on your lived experience. If you have never explicitly thought about what these terms mean to you, maybe today's post will help. If you have thought this through before then today's post may be a reminder - … Continue reading How can I feel better?

Do you have good friends?

Sometimes we have great friends, and sometimes we learn to accept whatever we can get in terms of friends. We usually learn to value ourselves from how valued we felt growing up. (See video about survival maps for more) It sets the stage for how we see ourselves and how we treat ourselves. It also impacts how … Continue reading Do you have good friends?