Why Is Change So Hard? Hand On The Stove Analogy

In our new Youtube video, understand why we don't change even though we know better. The Hand On The Stove analogy helps you feel normal, the Fire Alarm metaphor shifts your relationship with stress and the 3C's teach us how to respond in order to minimize suffering and maximize happiness. Connect with us on any … Continue reading Why Is Change So Hard? Hand On The Stove Analogy

How to break a bad habit

We have been talking about habits and creating healthy routines, so how do you break bad habits? Let's get right to it, let me break it down-.. Be AWARE of when you engage in the bad habit BE CURIOUS about what function or pay-off it currently serves Create a REPLACEMENT BEHAVIOR, preferably one that is … Continue reading How to break a bad habit

Help is here!

Change is hard. It just is. We are always looking for ways to stay on track through the the change process. We all know how helpful it is to have someone to be accountable to for meeting our personal goals, to help us declutter, or just have a pep talk when we need it. What if we don't have that healthy tribe to … Continue reading Help is here!