Public Speaking

I do a lot of talks in the community and some people will ask what kinds of things I talk about, so here are a sampling of some of the talks or presentations I have done: (the italisized ones are some of my favourites!)

  • Mental Health and Stigma
  • Value Based Parenting
  • Bullying, Medication and More; Addressing Anxiety and Depression in Children and Teens
  • Helpless to Healthy- Finding the Value in Distress
  • Conflict Resolution Styles
  • Attachment
  • Fostering Resilience
  • The Secrets to Happy Aging
  • Conquering Conflict in Medicine
  • Child Protection and Resilience
  • Managing the Acutely Distressed Patient
  • Anxiety in Children- Clinical Considerations and Pearls
  • An Introduction To Acceptance And Commitment Therapy 
  • Finding the Value in Distress for Families affected by Schizophrenia
  • Treatment of ADHD
  • Difficult Behaviour in Children with Intellectual Disability-A Stress-Attachment Model
  • Pot (cannabis) -Risks and Impacts
  • Pain management

I have presented to a variety of audiences, here are a few examples of some of the target audiences:

  • At National and International Conferences
  • Department of Psychiatry at Dalhousie
  • Family Physician Conferences and Continuing Medical Education Meetings
  • Canada World Youth
  • Masters’ in Medical Education students
  • Community Parenting Groups
  • Community Library
  • Early Psychosis Support Group
  • Laing House