– Everything that you disclose will be kept confidential, adhering to the guidelines of the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA)
– We will not speak about your case with anyone outside of your care without your direct permission.
– There are however some LIMITS OF CONFIDENTIALITY, our practitioners are required by law to breech confidentiality if there is:

  • IMMINENT RISK of harm to yourself, or someone else
  • If there is reason to suspect a CHILD or VULNERABLE PERSON is in danger or is currently in harms way
  • If I am requested to do so by a JUDGE or a COURT of LAW


For PSYCHIATRY appointments, cancellations with less than 48 hours (business days only and excluding holidays) of advance notice, no shows, and late arrivals are subject to the fees outlined below. This policy is applicable to adults and children, and only under extenuating circumstances whereby a formal document can be provided, will exceptions be made. 
  • Our practitioners value your time and will do their absolute best to keep our appointments starting and ending on time.
  • We expect that you will in turn value our time, and as such attend your appointments as scheduled and on-time.
  • Should you be unable to attend,  the required 48 hours notice (business days only and excluding holidays) is in place in order to allow another patient who is waiting for an appointment an opportunity to do so.

FEES FOR PSYCHIATRY (fees do not include HST):

  • No Show or Late Cancellation- $61.25/ 15 min of scheduled appointment time.
  • Late arrivals- $61.25/ 15 minutes of tardiness.

Day of Appointment: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Cancellation Deadline: 10am Thursday End of Day Thursday 10am Monday 10am Tuesday 10am Wednesday
For PSYCHOLOGY appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, the client will be charged a fee equivalent to the full session missed ($400 for new assessments; $200 for follow-up sessions).
  • This is a strict policy.
  • Exceptions only for: unexpected deaths in the family, car accidents or health emergencies (presentation of proof of these events will be required to waive the fee)
  • Clients will not be provided with another appointment until they are able to settle your bill or make arrangements for a payment plan.

3. Payment for NON-INSURED SERVICES are due at the time of provision of these services, unless agreed upon otherwise.