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This children’s book (paperback or E-Bookteaches kids to cope with other people’s comments and put downs.

The story originated with me, Dr. Wilson, using story-telling as a way to help children I was working with. The analogy frequently came back to me as having been especially helpful according to the children’s family members, teachers, Guidance Councellors and other professionals. I began also using this metaphor with adults and it had an equally significant uptake, because we all get overwhelmed by what other people expect from us, especially when it does not fit with what is right or healthy for us, making this message a good reminder for adults as well as a children.

The story was refined with the assistance of my husband and co-author, Mr. K. Ryan Wilson, who works in the field of psychology, our three children and many of the children with whom I work, who are fast becoming experts at holding onto their power!

My POWER BALL uses a metaphor about how people throw balls at each other with their expectations on them, like you have to be pretty, popular etc. It emphasizes  that when we drop our “power ball” then these other balls stick to us and can seem overwhelming.  The message is that we have a CHOICE to hold onto our own power and to only catch the balls that are healthy for us.

The story is told in the context of Aliens coming to Earth undercover, to discover what allows some kids to be “SUPER HUMANS” (hold onto their power), and what causes others to retreat or become nasty (letting go of their power).

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