Isolation is the real problem

We talk about connection, attachment, belonging and tribe ALL the time in therapy and group. Do you know why?

Because it is SO IMPORTANT! It changes our quality of life, our productivity, it even impacts how long we live and how good our health is.

This interesting TED talk captures a lot of these elements in the context of soldiers coming back from war, but the underlying messages apply to all of us. It is a compelling call to action to CONNECT.


2 thoughts on “Isolation is the real problem

  1. Powerful! Helps me understand the deep yearning to connect with family of origin–my first tribe. Helps me understand the deep loneliness due to the disconnections and how difficult it is sometimes to develop and truly trust in tribe of choice. Feedback to ponder

  2. That was enlightening. WOW! Never connected the dots on this one before. I think I am finally getting the imporance of tribe connection even more.
    Thank you Dr. Wilson.

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