ACT BOOSTER SESSIONS  – Tues. from 1-4 pm

You must have completed ACT Core with Dr. E. A. Wilson to be able eligible to attend the Booster Groups and you must register ahead of time as space is limited.

 ACT CORE SESSIONS Wed. & Thurs. from 1-4 pm 

Offered 4-5x/ year, each Core groups lasts 8 weeks 1x/ week


This therapy focuses on:
  1.  Clarification of VALUES (what is important to us)
  2. Learning the skill of BEING PRESENT/ MINDFULNESS (as opposed to being in our heads, in someone else’s head, in thepast or in the future, detached etc)
  3. Learning DEFUSION STRATEGIES to help us get un-hooked from the thoughts and feelings that get in the way of us pursuing the life we want
  4. ACCEPTANCE of all of our  thoughts and feelings , so we spend less time avoiding the ones we don’t want or don’t think we should have (ie. through working excessively, alcohol, sex, drugs, being in our heads all the time, anxiety, beating ourselves up etc). This allows us to change our relationship with them and move forward in the direction of our values regardless of what thoughts and feelings come up for us.
  5. Clarifying our COMMITMENT to living our values, so we are not just prepared to when it is convenient or easy, but also when it really matters or when it is the hardest
  6. Developing strong connections to our own ONGOING SELF AWARENESS  as well as our OBSERVER SELF
  • ACT CORE: This therapy is appropriate for anyone who has become so focused on what they don’t want (ie. I don’t want to fail, have people mad at me, look  foolish etc) that they have lost sight of what they do want- and are ready to start to get their lives back on track! It is not disorder specific (ie. a depression group, anxiety or pain group etc).
  • It is offered individually in certain circumstances, but primarily in a group format, weekly x8 weeks, with a one and three month booster
  • Participants must commit to the whole course of therapy