Inspired Living Medical (ILM) is a multi-platform medical practice designed to expedite the education, dissemination and application of positive psychiatry on a global spectrum. With the ultimate purpose of advancing the mental health industry (in terms of reach, accessibility, effectiveness, reduced therapeutic dependency, etc.), ILM strives for more efficient and positive-outcome patient care through the expanded deployment of modern therapy — positive psychiatry.

ILM designs and delivers collaborative therapy and interventions, group sessions, training and educational material which, collectively, establishes a self-perpetuated community of support for patients seeking to improve mental health. Unlike outmoded models of psychiatry practice, ILM fosters a heightened sense of accountability which is achieved through collaborative patient psychiatrist relationships that are built upon transparency, knowledge sharing and an emphasis on self-improvement rather than mental wellness through continued psychiatrist dependence.


  1. POSITIVE PSYCHIATRY is the foundation of our approach
  • Positive Psychiatry is the science and practice of mental wellness.
  • Sharing and growing a universal positive language of mental health informs all that we do in our practice (emphasis on what we need and how to be healthy vs primarily on what is wrong with us)
  • It uses interventions that promote the neurobiology of resilience, as well as more traditional models of psychiatry including medications as needed.
  • There is a strong emphasis on accountability and self-improvement.


  1. We emphasize KNOWLEDGE SHARING
  • Patients are provided with copies of their consult and discharge reports making their own health information more accessible and usable to them
  • Up to date practices and information are made available to them in understandable formats, empowering them to be their own advocate
  • We use validated outcome measures to help both patients and clinicians track outcomes and be accountable for continuing to progress and make changes as needed along the way


  • We use technology, multimedia, and our website as engagement tools in our delivery
  • This also provides our patients with 24h access to helpful user-friendly resources to help them stay on track including worksheets, youtube videos and blogs reviewing the application of some of the most common and highest-yield concepts