Finally get rid of that bad habit!

The most common way we harm ourselves is by PRETENDING it isn’t a big deal. We minimize how hurt or angry we are, pretend smoking or drinking just this time won’t make a huge difference, or having that last piece of cake,  and then distract ourselves to keep it all at bay.

We use distracting ourselves to help us pretend. It takes the edge off whatever feeling or insight we don’t feel ready to sit with.

We distract ourselves by eating, watching NETFLIX, spending hours on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat or Instagram. Some of us just stay busy all the time…working, cleaning, rearranging, fixing other people’s problems (often even when they didn’t ask for help), worrying, spending time in other people’s heads worrying about what they are thinking or feeling etc.

All of these strategies are like body guards that keep us from having to fully acknowledge that we are hurting ourselves in some way.

The thing is, we are actually biologically programmed to be well. So once we are clearly consciously aware that what we are doing is hurting us, it becomes A LOT harder to keep doing it. We still can, after all, most of us have a well- established self sabotaging streak, but it becomes MUCH more uncomfortable.

Watch this great video that tells us more about this, to find out more about how you can break that bad habit you have been trying to shake for ages…

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2 thoughts on “Finally get rid of that bad habit!

  1. Thank you so much for the reminder of our biologically wanting to be well and how it is both difficult and doable to change. How our bodyguards while useful once may not be useful now however they are just doing the job they were assigned to by us in the first place. How pretending plays a role in both taking the edge off and keeping us stuck at the same time. Sometimes holding all these truths is just plain hard..

    1. Nicely said Noreen. I just ate this wonderful chocolate treat because that’s how my Mom showed her love and it is her birthday today … and I also got some work stuff going on and eating helps me to pretend everything is going to be okay but sitting in the sun on this gorgeous day in my backyard was the better way to celebrate my Mom and to get calm…but I’m working on that 40 some year old bad habit and it’s not easy to change that quickly but at least I am noticing.

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