Do you have enough time for what you want?

Most of us feel strapped for time, and yet when we get more we fill it with more things to do’s that tend not to be particularly recharging and just end up feeling like we are on a hamster wheel. How do we get enough time to do the things that actually matter to us in our lives?

Watch this interesting 12 min TED talk for some insights on how to do just that!

Who knows, it may completely change how your next year goes! 

The take home message is :

Schedule your life like your life depends on it….because it does…and you can!

One thought on “Do you have enough time for what you want?

  1. Loved this post. Makes me consider time….how much time I have on my hands vs. how little time I used to feel I had and how with so much time stretched out before (since retirement)I allow it to slip away. Thanks for the opportunity to consider the concept of time. To consider the importance of scheduling what matters into how I will live out the gift of the time I have!

    May you have a joyous holiday season!

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