Inspired Living Medical is a Halifax, NS, based Psychiatry practice, with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention.

We know that wellness is not just the absence of disease, and we strive to provide the community with tools to help them create their Epic Life. We do this by coaching people to listen to their strong and healthy self, and live their values.

  • We provide short-term interventions including therapy and medication stabilization for treatment resistant cases when necessary.
  • We also facilitate longer- term (optional) group-based community support to assist in maintenance of wellness.
  • At Inspired Living Medical, we also live our value of community empowerment by reaching beyond our immediate patient population in innovative ways.

We produce internet-based resources, offer workshops, as well as personal and professional life coaching and parent coaching. This is in addition to the more traditional model of Psychiatric care. We direct our resources to support individuals seeking mental health support, clinicians and first line workers such as parents, teachers and Family Physicians.

  • Page15We also strive to produce and identify other products and services, tailored to the identified needs of our readership and patient populations. One such example is our Children’s Book, My Powerball, a book to help children learn to cope with other people’s expectations and put downs (including bullying). See the My Power Ball video to learn more about it.

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible in order to foster healthy communities. Allowing us to not only manage illness, but promote wellness!

So when you come across something you find helpful- pay it forward, SHARE it with your friends!