Past or Present hurt? How to tell the difference

   Moving on means letting go of our own hurt and anger about things that happened in our past, but that does not mean that we will put ourselves back in harms way. It means being open to the belief that people can change and that IF they demonstrate  (not say, actions really do speak louder than words) the … Continue reading Past or Present hurt? How to tell the difference

What’s Your Attachment Style?

Last week we introduced the Top 4 reasons why Attachment matters. In short, it shapes our relationships, which shape our lives! Read on and take the Adult Attachment Questionnaire to find out more about your attachment style! Attachment styles are patterns of behaviour intended to ensure our needs are met. It is ultimately designed to protect us, but it … Continue reading What’s Your Attachment Style?


When there is a gap between who we are now and who we want to be, (in fancy language- when there is a difference between our real and ideal self), this creates energy. That energy is coming from the feeling of distress. What we do with that distress COMPLETELY changes what happens next! A relatable example … Continue reading The MID-LIFE CRISIS