How does early life experience impact us?

There has long been a question of nature vs nurture, and the answer is BOTH. This great TED talk focuses on how early life nurturing actually changes the expression of our genes, of our DNA. There are two layers to our genes, the older, harder to change layer, and the epigenetic layer, that is impacted … Continue reading How does early life experience impact us?

Managing mixed feelings

We can learn a lot from children who feel safe, because they intuitively do what we seem biologically programmed to do in order to be well and thrive. Many of us feel guilty when something good happens for us in front of someone who has less. We take away our permission to be happy and … Continue reading Managing mixed feelings

We should all start the day like this!

This is the kind of tribe we want to surround ourselves with, friends and family who remind us of all of these things and encourage us to do it for ourselves.