How can I help myself succeed?

The truth is, although it is not impossible to change our lives alone, it is significantly less likely to be successful and is far more likely to be associated with suffering when we try to do it on our own. You see, because we are such an inherently social species, our success or failure is … Continue reading How can I help myself succeed?

How to have good relationships

Empathy is one of the important pieces of forming emotionally safe and positive relationships. It is a way we feel and can help someone else feel SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD (like they matter). Empathy is feeling WITH someone in order to connect with them. This means we have to be willing to connect to times in … Continue reading How to have good relationships

Understanding emotions

If you are like most people, emotions and how they work can be confusing sometimes. There may even be times we think we get it, then we somehow loose it. It can be helpful to be reminded of some of the important bits about emotions and why it is important to connect with them in … Continue reading Understanding emotions