Wellness – the secret ingredient

People want to get better, but they don't want to feel uncomfortable or awkward. Distress and discomfort get a bad wrap. We are taught to avoid it at all costs, yet there is no growth without discomfort. The path to wellness requires a willingness to be uncomfortable. There is just no way around it. We don't have to … Continue reading Wellness – the secret ingredient

How to succeed at the Game of Life

We often hear people talk about the "Game of Life".  In this game of life, as humans we ALWAYS only have two goals, SAFETY and SIGNIFICANCE. Safety means: Emotionally, we feel our needs are equal to other people's needs and feel comfortable asking for them to be met. Physically, we are free from violence and intimidation, … Continue reading How to succeed at the Game of Life

How to break a bad habit

We have been talking about habits and creating healthy routines, so how do you break bad habits? Let's get right to it, let me break it down-.. Be AWARE of when you engage in the bad habit BE CURIOUS about what function or pay-off it currently serves Create a REPLACEMENT BEHAVIOR, preferably one that is … Continue reading How to break a bad habit