How to WIN at Life | Safety & Significance

What we strive for in life is always the same, but how we learn to get it is variable and even changes throughout our lifetime. Understand this, and learn what it takes to win at the game of life!   Check out our new video here:  

Why am I surrounded by Jerks?!? Social currency

  "I am surrounded by people telling me I don't matter- they can't all be wrong!" We have talked in the past about the importance of Tribe and how the people we surround ourselves with can make us or break us, so to speak. (See The 5 Things We Need to Be Well- The STAMP … Continue reading Why am I surrounded by Jerks?!? Social currency

Wellness – the secret ingredient

People want to get better, but they don't want to feel uncomfortable or awkward. Distress and discomfort get a bad wrap. We are taught to avoid it at all costs, yet there is no growth without discomfort. The path to wellness requires a willingness to be uncomfortable. There is just no way around it. We don't have to … Continue reading Wellness – the secret ingredient