3 Steps to Connect When Stressed

As a social species our survival depends on our ability to co-regulate during times of stress. As the world faces it’s second wave of COVID-19 and all the implications that brings, I thought it worth a review of ways we can do this. Ideally, in relationships, we aim to be:1. Attuned Notice what is going … Continue reading 3 Steps to Connect When Stressed

Social Skills

What are social skills? As humans we are hard wired to connect with other people, it helps us feel safe, seen, and adds meaning to our lives. Social skills are the broad set of behaviours that govern how we interact with others; they include use of eye contact, body language, assertiveness, and the ability to … Continue reading Social Skills

Please join us in welcoming Karma as our new therapy dog

Karma will be attending ACT booster sessions on a regular basis. Please let us know if you have any allergies or are not comfortable with dogs.